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Horoscopes: November 8-November 14

Shelley von Strunckel Nov 6, This is irritating. The solution? Take a philosophical approach. Forget about far-reaching decisions and live one day at a time.


This alone is challenging but, also, your circumstances will be shifting regularly. The trick is to regard arrangements as more of an experiment than anything lasting. That can come later. Now, your thinking and focus must change, too. This is wise. With changes continuing well into January, the more flexible the arrangements you make, and your own ideas about the future, the better. Continue talking, but in general terms.

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Those long term plans can wait until things are more settled. Scorpio October 23 — November 21 Between the Scorpio New Moon and the ideas planet, Mercury being retrograde in your sign, in late October, November has been about dealing with the unexpected.

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And planning ahead? Be patient. Take a little sabbatical, Aries! You deserve it. This week, prioritize rest, self-care, and some alone time above all else. You may even see a former friend more romantically—why not?! Hey, social butterfly!

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Connections help your work life too, when Venus beautifies your career sector on Friday. Overtime, Gemini! Never forget what a creative problem-solver you are. Wanderlust strikes on Friday when Venus enters your international and educational sector.

Enjoy the adventures! Expansion, thy name is Cancer! The weekend gets sexy when Venus enters your erotic and authentic sector on Friday. Lean into intimate connections that have depth and staying power. Wear your crown proudly at work, Leo!

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This week showcases your leadership and moral authority on the job, so speak your truth directly yet compassionately when the opportunity arises. Romance is a skill, Virgo—this week, feel inspired to refine your technique! Tidy up, meal prep, and organize that agenda to reap the gift of inner joy. This week inspires you to really focus on one thing. Follow your heart to identify an area of personal growth that needs your attention. Venus enters your creativity and confidence sector on Friday, giving you more magnetism, popularity, and capability to showcase your artistic flair.

Ace card up, Scorpio! This week motivates you to lean into vulnerability and gain the reward of your bravery.