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Sound like a fool's fantasy? Live it to believe it! After all, when in love, everything is possible. Cancer and Scorpio: Your Scorpio man will become a major driving force in your life. While you're bound to be content with your current life status, your partner will constantly push you to become more than what you are. At times, you will feel exhausted from your Scorpio's constant prodding, but deep inside, you know you need it to spur you into action.

Cancer and Sagittarius: It will be hard to get a hold on a Sagittarius man if you're thinking of him as a long-time mate. His innate thirst for freedom will cause problems for someone like you, who believes in settling down and having stability.

The more you chain your Sag to you, the more likely he will drift away. It might save you a whole lot of heartache if you just think of your Sagittarius man as a one-night shag than your one and only.

Cancer and Capricorn: Friends who know you will never have thought you'd be able to make it work with a man like your Capricorn. Your tendency to use your heart rather than your brain could not possibly match your man's rational and intellectual approach to life. But, as the saying goes, opposites attract. And no one can doubt that when they see you and your Capricorn hottie together. Cancer and Aquarius: Your passionate nature will teach your Aquarian love interest a thing or two about opening his heart more. He tends to over-utilize his mind in every decision he makes, and that's where you step in and show him that it's okay to use his heart once in a while.

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The process may take some time, but with a dose of patience, you'll eventually succeed. Cancer and Pisces: It's a common fear all couples share: that love might fizzle out and die at any time. You and your Pisces man, however, have no such worries to be concerned about. The romantic gene in a Pisces will constantly help him think of ways to keep the magic going, no matter how many years you stay together.

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The roses won't stop coming and the sweet texts will remain. He's definitely a Casanova you'll want to keep. There's definitely going to be a fight! And that's what will happen when you and a fellow strong-willed Leo get together as lovers. You won't back down from an argument, and neither will he.

You won't let him take all the attention, nor will he. If you could both learn not to look at your relationship as a competition, it will have a better chance of surviving. Leo and Aries: Both Leo and Aries are natural extroverts who love to explore and stay away from the house as much as possible. You and your mate will not have a problem hitting it off because you share so many interests. Prepare for a lot of partying, out of town trips, and public displays of affection when you're with an Aries guy.

There will definitely be no shortage of things you can do together. Leo and Taurus: The attraction you feel toward a Taurus man is one that will grow over time and will not happen instantly. The more you get to know him, the more you'll discover how driven and hardworking the Taurus man is, and this wins him points in your book. Though you may butt heads once in a while due to your stubborn natures, you and your man have a great chance of working it out if you learn how to adjust to each other's eccentricities.

Leo and Gemini: You'll be constantly amazed by how your Gemini love manages to keep you hot and horny in the bedroom all the time. He never fails to try a new sex move with you and always has the most outrageous ideas to get your hormones pumping. Being the adventurous Leo that you are, you are more than happy to try and comply. With this kind of cooperation happening in bed, your compatibility with your Gemini man cannot be questioned. Leo and Cancer: Poor Cancer man. Your dominating personality would almost always make him feel bullied and intimidated.

His "soft" personality just isn't built to withstand your "hard" and assertive ways. If you want to make it work with your Cancer guy, lighten up on the demands, criticisms, and expectations you have. The sooner you realize how loving and simple your man is, the faster he will put a ring on your finger.

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Leo and Virgo: The two of you could not be more different. You get a kick out of mingling and mixing with people, while your Virgo man wants to stay away from the spotlight. Other dissimilarities include your penchant for adventure versus his being happy with the way things are. To make this relationship work, the Virgo man must achieve a certain maturity in his life--a maturity that will allow him to feel secure letting you prowl the social scene while he stays home waiting for you.

Leo and Libra: A Libra is blessed with a flexibility that lets him adjust to your stubborn ways. While most partners disappear once you start showing your assertive wiles, this man will actually stay put and work around your personality flaws. Another admirable Libra trait that makes him such a stable and dependable mate is his ability to always see the positive side of a person.

So retract your claws, Leo girl. This one is definitely here to stay. But surprisingly, you and your Scorpio mate will have a different experience. While both signs are very driven and determined, you two will actually be able to feed off each other's energy and spur one another to greater success.

Both of you like to go for what you want, and finding someone who understands that is like finding an unbeatable support system. Don't be surprised if you're able to do greater things when you're with your Scorpio man. Leo and Sagittarius: You've never met anyone as insatiable when it comes to lovemaking as your Sagittarius man.

He can't seem to get enough of you! Though this is flattering to your Leo ego, you're starting to lose your breath from all the "exercise" you've been doing together.


Next time you begin to tire of your sex routine, think of all the couples that go through counseling just to revive their sex life. Maybe this will make you realize how lucky you are with your Sag man. Leo and Capricorn: You may find it hard to understand a Capricorn guy. You're very outspoken about your feelings, while your lover tends to be reserved and unexpressive.

It is not that he doesn't love you. Capricorns just aren't good at saying what they feel inside. Instead of moaning about this deficiency, think about the many other ways he expresses his love for you.

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With a Capricorn guy, action speaks louder than words. Leo and Aquarius: Your Aquarius love interest can't help but be drawn to you.

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Your warmth and generosity is what he is most enchanted with. To keep him interested, continue being sweet and caring toward him, whether through texts or simply the things you say. A small gift to show him he is special will also make a big difference to your Aquarian man. Play up the traits he loves about you and you're sure to have him wrapped around your little finger in no time.

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Leo and Pisces: It is precisely because of your opposite natures that your relationship can work. You're known for your dominant personality, which very few signs can understand. Lucky for you, Pisces is one of them. He will let you have your way instead of resisting.

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This reduces conflict and makes for a smooth-sailing relationship. In fact, your Piscean man will have no problem letting you take the lead. Needless to say, you're perfectly okay with this. Although this trait can help you achieve great success in work and life, your need for perfection will cause you to have unrealistic expectations of each other and bring about unnecessary disappointments.