March 6 equinox astrology

You may want to take a step back to understand where you get defensive, where you lack clarity in communications, and when you have a hard time taking responsibility for the harm you have caused unintentionally or otherwise. Because this is a time when information might go missing or important details get washed away accidentally, you may have to redo, rework, or reconfigure your original plans and projects.

Practice patience and thoroughness when communicating with colleagues; we all might be struggling a little more than usual right now and we could use the extra compassion. What could you invest in that would feel like it helped you liberate your talent?

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This signals a change on a global scale in regard to how markets work, money moves, and how we relate to our resources in general. On a personal level, the new moon in Pisces encourages us to consider how we might liberate ourselves from outdated ways of working with our personal resources.

What are you investing in that isn't benefiting your personal or collective future? What could you invest in that would feel like it helped you liberate a talent of yours? For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter!

Pisces New Moon

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How Real Is Zodiac Compatibility? Here's What's in Store for Cancer Season. In , the equinox takes place on March 20th. This year, the equinox point is conjunct Chiron. This conjunction stands out because it is very tight. Chiron is a symbol of holistic healing. This means that will be the year of holistic healing. The Shaman is a healer with special spiritual powers who is able to travel in between worlds. In Shamanic tradition, there are three worlds: the lower world, the middle world, and the upper world.

The Shaman is able to make the spirit whole again. In astrology, the Sun is a symbol for the Spirit the divine spark of consciousness in the center of our being. Because the spirit is broken into pieces, the person cannot function properly. This is when illness — physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual — occurs. The Shaman will then go on a journey in the lower world, middle world and the upper world to find the broken pieces of the Spirit. Once the Shaman finds all the broken parts and brings them together into a whole , healing takes place. Chiron is a symbol for the Shaman.

Chiron orbits between Saturn the lower world and Uranus where the upper world begins.

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Chiron is half-horse animal , half-God after all! The Northern Equinox conjunct Chiron means that at a collective and individual level, this year we will have the opportunity to restore our wholeness. We will have to open ourselves to the mysteries of the upper world, and embrace the unknown.

Yes, the journey will not be easy, but it will be totally worth it.

No matter what needs healing in your life, in the coming year you have the chance to finally restore your balance and become whole again. This year you can become a Shaman or you can meet one.

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A literal Shaman or a teacher, a priest, a healer or a medicine man or woman. Chiron is also a symbol for mentors , so you can expect to find a mentor that will stir your life in the right direction. You will receive weekly emails with the breakdown on upcoming astrological events, tips on reading your chart — plus special invitations for members only. Join the tribe of other Click here to subscribe.